Foreword – personal notes on workshop “How to Create Tech Products Customers Love” – #1/11

Foreword - personal notes on "How to Create Tech Products Customers Love"

Foreword to my notes on Marty Cagan’s workshop “How to Create Tech Products Customers Love”

Here’s my foreword for a series of 11 posts summarizing my personal notes from Marty Cagan’s workshop “How to Create Tech Products Customers Love”. From 5th to 6th of June 2019 I attended the workshop by Silicon Valey Product Group ( „How to Create Tech Products Customers Love” in San Francisco ( The workshop was held by Marty Cagan himself.

I met Marty in 2012 already during my time as CTO at the German dating site “FriendScout24” where his advice turned out to be really valuable for our product development teams – and myself. Marty’s knowledge and personality stayed in good memory – since then.

My motivation to visit the workshop by Marty Cagan in San Francisco

  • To continue my continuous learning journey I booked myself privately into Martyworkshop to catch up on digital product development
  • For networking reasons I decided to go to San Francisco to have Silicon Valley people around me

Value for money – is the investment worth it?

  • I found the workshop to be worth every cent because it’s simply not enough to read the book. Serious product people should attend the workshop, ideally more than just one person from the organization
  • Especially, the information shared between the lines is valuable, unique and really helpful
  • Questions from the audience reflect your own level of expertise in this field
  • Marty’s individual answers help to solve unique problems not covered in the book or his blog

Preparation for the workshop

Book "Inspired" by Marty Cagan - Edition from late 2017

As a preparation I read the latest edition of Marty’s book “Inspired”.

“Inspired” by Marty Cagan – Edition from late 2017 —

Why these blog entries?

I decided to put my notes onto my blog to keep it preserved for my further reference. The notes in isolation don’t make too much sense. However, in combination with the book and the workshop my notes provide a lot of information between the lines. The handout for the workshop is only available in combination with the workshop.

The notes are quite comprehensive and I decided to split them into multiple blog entries for further reference. The split follows the structure of the workshop – and partially the book.