SCRUM Sprints – The mechanics.

SCRUM Sprints: One Sprint in a Live.

The typical structure of SCRUM – the mechanics as I call them – are quite common. No big adaptations in the industry. I still want to go into the various elements to highlight the tiny little details we decided to change and where and why.
SCRUM Sprint CycleThe graphic actually shows the structure of our SCRUM mechanics.We have all typical elements: Planning1, Planning2, daily sprint stand-ups, estimations, review and retrospective. Since we’re developing software and came from a project / waterfallish work-model in the past we still have some actions for final release testing and the actual software release.

I talk about the various elements in seperate posts in greater detail:

Lessons Learned?

  • The mechanics of SCRUM reflect the fundament of a potentially successful working model. You just need to get the details right 🙂

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